Why Own Alpacas

In recent years, among many people in this country, home and lifestyle trends reflect a move to a more rural setting and a return to a simpler way of life.  The appeal of raising alpacas fits in well with this lifestyle trend.  It is an alternative, less stressful way to make a living, supplement one's income, or enjoy retirement.

For the fiber enthusiast, there is the opportunity to own one's own source of fiber.  There is nothing more satisfying than taking the fiber from one's own animal and using it to spin, weave, or knit into items of apparel.

Alpacas also make wonderful pets if one has the small amount of land and favorable zoning to keep them.  You must bear in mind that they are herd animals and you need at least 2 and preferably 3 in order to create a "herd atmosphere" for them.  You also need to consider that, while these animals are irresistibly cute and cuddly-looking, they do not like being touched.  However, once you accept the limitations of your interactions with them, you will derive much pleasure simply from being quietly among them.


                            Shadowberry Farm Alpacas

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