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We all have cabin fever

Posted 2/16/2014 7:04pm by Tom & Nancy Imphong.


16 February 2014 -Being confined to the barn for the past couple of weeks, the alpacas all have cabin fever – Acer and Alder – whose hut is separate from the barn and away from the other alpacas - appear especially affected.

As the snow piled higher and higher, we noticed that there were no footprints in their paddock area aside from a well-worn path to their poop pile. With layers of snow and freezing rain, the footing is precarious and the boys have pretty much stayed inside their little 8 x 8 hut for the past several days.

What they needed was a man with a snow blower:  


Curious about this machine, they soon saw what it could do:  


Now the boys have room to run around a bit and they are happy.


  Speaking of cabin fever, yesterday I took part in the Centre County Knitters Guild’s solution to cabin fever as a vendor at their Love of Fiber event.

This is the third year I have attended this mid-winter fiber festival and I am thankful to have been invited to participate. This year’s event took place in a beautifully restored old barn in Spring Mills, PA.

Designed as a day out for fiber enthusiasts, it was the perfect place to spend a snowy winter’s day as lovers of the various fiber arts gathered together. Despite lowered attendance this year due to the on-going snow and poor road conditions, I had my best-ever day for yarn sales so I am happy.