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Off and Running

Posted 9/18/2014 4:08pm by Tom & Nancy Imphong.

18 September 2014 – The fall craft show season is here and I am off and running.  I have had successful shows the past two weekends and now will have my first local show this Saturday.  

Look for me this weekend at The Harvest of the Arts in downtown Carlisle.  The show runs from 10 – 5 on High St.  My booth is No. 16 and will be located in the first block off the square.

  The alpacas are all fine and have had a nice summer as the weather was mild so overheating was not a concern.  Some of my alpacas had a little bit of fame when they appeared in the local newspaper.  



The girls are definitely having a bad hair day here.  They had been out in the rain the day before.  Usually they avoid being caught out in the rain, so I did not think to keep them inside when it rained the day before the photographer was due.  So the result was flattened topknots --- and being wet had bits of hay stuck all over.