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Friends at last?

Posted 1/13/2017 2:01pm by Nancy Imphong.

13 January 2017 - This morning I was surprised to see M-O-Lee and Barbi kushed down next to each other.  The girls have never gotten along.  See my blog entries for May 2010 ---- it goes back that far.  Really, back to the time when Barbi first came to our farm in spring of 2008.

 M-O-Lee has always considered herself the Queen Bee of the barn.  When Barbi first arrived, she marched into the pasture as though a new Queen Bee had arrived.  She walked right up to the fence and touched noses with Prince, our horse.  The look on M-O-Lee's face was priceless---she had always shied away from Prince---and here was this newcomer making herself right at home. So the two girls did not get off to a good start and it has never gotten better between the two of them.  

They fight over many things---such as position in front of the fan and who gets to kush in front of the favored water bucket.  When coming in from pasture in the evening, one or the other will often turn sideways across the lane, blocking the lane from the other girl as well as all others behind them. 

Once one of the two, I think it was Barbi, turned sideways in the doorway of the barn stall, blocking M-O-Lee in.  M-O-Lee did not hesitate----she simply crawled over Barbi and went on her merry way.

One of our new boarders seems to have Queen Bee tendencies so we will soon have three girls vying for the position.