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A long overdue update

Posted 8/29/2015 12:30pm by Tom & Nancy Imphong.


29 August 2015 – It’s way beyond time for an update; however, life has been fairly uneventful here at Shadowberry Farm. All the animals are doing well and summer has not been too stressful for them. 

  Our old llama girl Ella continues to do well without any special care except getting frequent extra snacks in an effort to keep weight on her. Our old rescue horse Prince also continues to do well and grazes during the day with the boy alpacas and our boy llama. Like the alpacas, he enjoys the usual summer round of visitors but gets upset that the camelids get much more attention than he does and will kick loudly at the side of his stall in order to attract the visitors to him.

 I have been busy getting ready for the round of fall and winter craft shows. Last year was very successful but the downside to selling out of almost everything is that I have had to start from scratch.

My first show will be the Endless Mountain Fiber Festival, September 12 and 13, at the Harford Fair Grounds, located near New Milford, PA. This will be my 6th year at this show and one that I look forward to each year---it is always good to get together with my fiber friends and as this show has many repeat customers, I see lots of familiar faces there.

I will be at a new location this year. I have always been the last stall on the right in the main barn---this year I am moving across the aisle to the last stall on the left. I’ll have much more room, and the former occupants of that stall, the ladies from HeartEase Icelandic Sheep, will still be next to me, the second from last stall on the left, so I look forward to seeing them again as they are great fiber show neighbors to have.

One special event of the summer---our boy Petey has sired a cria! A little fawn girl. Yes, this cria is fawn despite her dam and sire being white---quite a little cutie --- she lives at Celtic Knot Alpacas.


 Petey's cria