We are located in south central Pennsylvania, about 15 miles west of Harrisburg, convenient to I-81, I-83, and the PA Turnpike.  We are transplants to this area, settling here in search of a slower pace of life after retirement from the military. We had horses for many years.  After our children grew up and left home, the horses lived out their retirement years here.  When the last horse was gone, we were not ready to leave our country lifestyle.  So we decided to fill our barn with alpacas.

Our Mission

 Our goal is to create products made from the fiber of our alpaca herd, at price points which will appeal to those seeking to buy unique, handcrafted items.  We look for a use for the fiber of each of our alpacas because we believe that all alpaca fiber has value.

Our Vision

Fiber is the basis and future of this industry. We believe that all owners and breeders must acknowledge the importance of building on the foundation of the beginnings of the fiber industry toward the goal of making the fiber farm a viable part of the future for alpaca farmers.

We would like to see a viable market for all grades of alpaca.  Alpaca is not just for the luxury market but rather has applications at every level.

Our Values

 We strive to provide our animals with a secure environment, to minimize stress whenever possible and to handle them with sensitivity and with respect to their individual personalities.  We believe, by following strict protocols for their herd health procedures, feeding, and daily routine, that we are providing a foundation for healthy, contented animals.

We further believe that when we create life, by breeding and bringing a new animal into this world, we owe it to that individual to give it the best possible existence that we are capable of providing.



                      Shadowberry Farm Alpacas

         Tom & Nancy Imphong~73 Biddle Rd.~Carlisle, PA 17015